Goodbye… for now.

2020 was supposed to be a landmark year for Ready To Travel. In many ways, it was.

Enriching and inspiring the travels of over 300,000 travellers kept us going in enhancing our suite of products and services. Winning the accolades of the best Travel App and Best Travel Wi-Fi at the Tripzilla Excellence Awards 2019 made us realise something - a platform that engages and delights can breathe life into seemingly impossible dreams, bringing one as far as the imagination can go.

As travel demand has cooled for now, we are taking a step back and Ready To Travel will pause operations from 1 May, 2020. For any purchase and itinerary enquiries, or if you simply wish to keep in touch for future updates, please email us at support@readytotravel.com

Reflecting on the memories collected, we look forward to the day the world is ready to travel again. Till then, stay safe!

Ready To Travel Team

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